Short stays rentals

You only have a few holidays during the year? You have a very busy schedule and you absolutely need time to rest during a week-end? In a few clicks you will be able to find an ideal holiday rental for your short trip with Likibu! Whether you want seaside holidays in Catalonia, countryside holidays in France or even skiing holiday in Austria, you will sure find the best.

An equipped apartment, the very best rental for a short stay!

If you only have a week to spend in a city you don’t know, the best is to choose an equipped apartment: that way, you will be staying in a nice place to discover this new site! For instance, you will be able to find a cheap rental for a fully-equipped loft in the center of New-York. So even if there is a big time difference and lots of hours of flight you will be able to install yourself easily in your New-Yorker home sweet home. And if you want to have a trip in Europe and do some sight-seeing in Paris, Berlin, Milan and Barcelona, you would find the perfect apartment rental for your stay!

But it isn’t the only option you have … If you want to get tan in Corsica, the best thing to do would be rent a villa with a pool to enjoy every single minute for your stay. The jump in your car, get swim suit up and jump in the 30° water! You can rent a nice house for your countryside holidays, nothing more refreshing than the pure air of the British countryside to cheer you up!

If you want to fully enjoy your week-end, choose the guest houses!

When you take a look at the statistics, the people who choose guest houses for their holiday rentals only stay there for a few time: if you want to go to Spain or to the South of France to enjoy the beauty and the quietness of the calanques, you will be grateful to come back home at night, to sleep in a good bed, to wake up and have a prepared breakfast! The guest house is also a good deal if you want to go on holiday with your family: everyone will be happy to enjoy their short stay in such a welcoming place. And if you don’t find any guest house in the place you want to go, you can also choose a bed and breakfast, the same thing but in a British way.

Now it’s up to you, to choose the holiday rental you want for your short stay!

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