Seaside & seafront holiday rentals

You jump your car, you tune your Ipod up and « Let the sun shine in »! We can be sure that you will rest, tan instead of the winter colours, but what about the rent? Without a good holiday rental you are done. Thanks to the holiday rentals comparator Likibu, you are assured to find a place to sleep in a bed when after you arrived in Australia for instance!

An unlimited choice of holiday rentals

You like to be just in front the beach to enjoy the morning sun? No problem! You will have the possibility to choose among apartments, charming guest houses with a nice view on the endless sand beaches. Whether you want to go to Corsica, Sicilia or even Asia, you will find whatever you need on Likibu. If you want to go in South America, you will find a lot of apartment rentals in Cancun or Rio de Janeiro, and if you would like to stay in the United States, you will find plenty of accommodations in Miami or Los Angeles,

You’d rather go home every night, even if you have to drive during a quarter of an hour? No problem, you will easily find a house rental for all your friends near Biarritz or even near the Mediterranean Sea. And moreover you hate swimming with all the tourists? You will have the possibility to select villas with hot pool everywhere in France and even more far than that.

The sea for summer, of course, but why not choose the sea for winter too?

Everyone can’t necessarily afford skiing holidays and that’s why you will have the possibility to find whenever you want good deals to leave on the seaside and walk all along the sea, with your large scarf and your big woolen pull-over. There is nothing better for your lungs than get the polluted air of the city out of it.

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