Luxury home and apartment rentals

Luxury home and apartment rentals

Live the high life in a luxury vacation rental

From a remote Swiss cabin to a house in the Hollywood hills, there is a world of luxury which is just waiting to be enjoyed. Why not upgrade your vacation to an escape which is fit for an A-Lister by choosing accommodation which is immersed in opulence, which will guarantee the trip of a lifetime, wherever in the world you decide to visit.

Why book a luxury vacation rental?

There are a million reasons why you may be looking for a luxury vacation rental. Whether you are looking for a honeymoon, birthday, or anniversary celebration, or you are simply looking to treat yourself, reserving a luxury rental will boost any vacation plans instantly. While they are many reasons why you could be searching for a luxury vacation letting, there are even more reasons why you should decide to stay in one! From the modern open-plan apartments in the heart of the world’s most impressive metropolis' to a villa with a private pool by the ocean, or a cabin with a jacuzzi in the mountains, there is a slice of luxury which is perfect for every traveler’s desire.

What type of accommodation is usually a luxury vacation rental?

The level of luxury in each accommodation type typically depends on where you are visiting, as every destination offers something luxurious in their own way. For example, a vacation home in Los Angeles may offer the most fantastic experience for visitors to the city of angels. Whereas a cozy country cottage may offer the most exquisite experience in the English countryside, and a traditional cabin will offer the most deluxe stay in the French Alps. Depending on their location, luxury properties are brimming with impressive facilities to indulge you throughout your stay, from whether it is a jacuzzi, private-pool, scenic balcony view, or a spacious kitchen where you can live out your interior design fantasies. Whether you want to impress your other half with the property of their dreams on your first anniversary or celebrate your birthday in style, a luxury rental will ensure your vacation is entirely unforgettable.

Where to go for a luxury vacation rental?

Where you should visit for a luxurious vacation depends on what you are looking for from your trip. Firstly, if you are looking for an affluent beach-break in the US, look for a vacation home in Florida, where you can wake up with a view over the Atlantic in the sun-glazed Florida Keys. Similarly, a beachfront villa in Hawaii is ideal for anyone who hopes to experience a taste of luxury right here in the States. If you are looking to travel internationally for the glamorous beach-break of your dreams, look for a house in the French Riviera, where you can live like a local and enjoy the millionaires’ playground of Monaco or Saint-Tropez. If you are planning an extravagant city break, reserve a vacation apartment in New York or Los Angeles, and wake up in a room with a view over the country's most cosmopolitan cities. Overseas, a luxury apartment in London, Paris, and Milan is a great way to ensure your fashion week fantasies come true, even if you are not guaranteed front row seats to the finest shows in town. Finally, for nature-lovers who want to unwind in organic serenity, look for a deluxe cabin in Colorado’s mountains, or look to The Alps for a luxurious skiing experience that will make you feel as though you really are waking up amid a certain spy movie set.

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