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Airbnb and vacation rentals in Western Europe

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Travelling across Western Europe

Western Europe, the so-called Old Continent is bursting with vibrant destinations which are just waiting to be discovered. We strongly suggest that you travel across Western Europe by train or by car and make this trip your own private adventure, make it just as personal as possible. Flights are ideal for business trips but you could never live and feel the Old Continent jumping from one plane to the other and sitting in airport lounges, forget about it and plan yourself a very cultural trip from Austria to Great Britain and Spain as if you were a 19h century American born traveler who had freshly landed in Europe to discover the Old Continent for the first time. You have to cross its borders from Germany to Belgium, from Belgium to France, from France to Switzerland, from Switzerland to Italy, from Italy to Austria and then again back to the Northern Scandinavian countries, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, down to Netherlands and across the sea to Great Britain. Wherever you go you will find plenty of cozy and friendly homestay's and bed and breakfasts in Western Europe. This kind of holiday accommodation is not only cheap, affordable and suitable for every budget, but it is also by far the best way to share with people in each new country all along your travel in Western Europe.

Western Europe and its capitals

Rome, Vienna, Paris, Berlin are only some of the highlights of your iconic travel, but capitals are not the only shrines of treasures in Western Europe. You will be stunned by the richness of small German towns like Weimar, Wiesbaden, Heidelberg and Baden Baden and you will simply fall in love with Milan, Venice, Turin and Genoa. Enjoy some days in the most beautiful seaside resorts of the world such as Saint-Tropez, Portofino, Cavallo, initiate yourself to live like a VIP in lavish Costa Smeralda or in Capri. Discover Greek temples and theatres in Sicily through Agrigento, Siracusa and Taormina. Love the French Riviera, from Nice to Cannes and discover all regions of France, there is nothing like a trip from Provence to Normandy. In any country and town of Western Europe you will find wonderful vacation rentals, just choose your villa with swimming pool on the sea, your chalet in the mountains, your apartment downtown in one capital or a very nice house in the country, any kind of holiday accommodation is available on line for a quick last-minute booking.

Western Europe and its cultures

Live, travel and feel Western Europe in all its wonderful landscapes, each town will show you new treasures to discover, new vibrations to share, new people to meet, new cultures and traditions and possibly new hopes for your future. After all it is indeed in the Old Continent that everything happened and was possible for the world, building up colonial conquest and initiating the whole world to ideas of freedom and democracy, therefore trust Western Europe and let its magic happen and shine on you all through your trip. Do not spoil your trip in boring hotel reservations, book your bed and breakfast or your homestay in Spain or in Portugal the extreme borders of Western Europe, extreme countries for extreme passions and pathos, wide open on the Atlantic Ocean, the very end of the old world. Until one day, back in year 1492, a Western European explorer born in Genoa or in Barcelona under the name of Christopher Columbus left these extreme borders of Western Europe to discover a New World across the Ocean. Yes, indeed everything started in Western Europe.

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