Vacation rentals search engine

What is exactly a holiday’s rentals comparator?

You are sick of being trapped by the travel agencies which never offer you the best rentals for both your wallet and your holidays? If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself! If you already know your destination and when do you want to arrive and to come back, Likibu will help you find the right holiday rental with the different websites of our comparator.

Compare the prices and the holiday rentals suggestions: it’s so easy!

This is easy and quick: you select your destination, the day you want to arrive and to come back and you will get a list of holiday rentals: home-stays for your trip to Beijing, New-York, Paris; guest houses for your skiing holidays, in the Alpes, at Whistler Mountain, or even Aspen; a villa rental near the sea for next summer in Miami, Los Angeles, or Barcelona; you have to pick out something!

But usually when you have a lot of choice, you can’t make up your mind… That’s why we give you a list of our top destinations in order for you to reduce the panel of offers. Among others, you have at your disposal some house rental in Sydney, you can rent an apartment in Hong-Kong or even a room in a bed and breakfast in San Francisco! If you open the page about the city, you will take a look at our suggestions, a little touristic advice when you’ll be there, it’s the beginning of a great adventure for you!

Last minute holidays, everything is possible.

There are many offers on the comparator of holiday rentals website, and so it is easy to find the good deal, even if you decide to go on holidays on the last minute. You are tired of the noise of the city and you want to take a week-end off to rest? No problems, once again we are here for you. So now don’t hesitate anymore, surf on our website and find your happiness: your satisfaction will be ours.

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