Overnight boat rentals and accommodation

If you are searching for a type of accommodation which is as unique as the vibrant destination you are visiting, then why not try renting a boat? Yes, depending on the location, you really can spend your nights on the water! If sleeping on the canals of Amsterdam or having breakfast on the banks of a Scottish loch sounds like an experience of a lifetime, consider reserving a vacation rental like no other. Then prepare to create unforgettable and extraordinary memories as the captain of your own vessel.

Set sail on your vacation on your private boat rental

What makes a boat rental so unique?

Whether you are an avid lover of all things maritime or have never stepped aboard a boat before, there is a uniquely rare accommodation option that is waiting to be enjoyed, both across the United States and around the seven seas. Though boats may initially appear smaller than other forms of accommodation, they still offer all facilities of a conventional vacation rental, including a kitchen, bedroom(s), and living space to relax. Alongside this, boats have a top-deck, where travelers can sunbathe and sightsee throughout the day. This makes it a surprisingly spacious form of accommodation which couples, families, and groups of friends alike will all enjoy. There is the perfect boat rental out there for everybody. Whether you want a luxurious yacht for the ultimate island hopping experience, or you are looking for a more low-key houseboat where you can live like a local in a quaint marina, there is no limit the possibilities of what you can have, and where you can go!

Why choose accommodation on a boat?

Going on vacation is the perfect time to break away from conventions and try something new, and there is no better way to do that than by shaking up your accommodation plans by renting a boat. Typically, most of life is spent sleeping on land, so to guarantee an exceptional experience which is different from the norm, unleash your adventurous side and impress your guests by securing your place on the water. If the potential for experiencing the extraordinary is not enough to convince you to climb aboard, then maybe you will be swayed by the fact that the boat is a mode of transport. This means that you are not limited to the one resort, and you can visit a new area every single day of your vacation, all without packing and moving your cases to a new room. Perhaps the best part, however, is that you are always guaranteed a sea view.

Where is the best place to hire a boat rental?

In the United States, you are never too far away from water, but as great as it can be to stay in the quaint harbors or city ports, there is nothing quite like waking up on the waves. Many Americans look for boat accommodation in Lake Michigan in Chicago, Long Beach in California, and on the oceanic shores of Miami. Travelers beyond the US choose to rent a boat as their accommodation in Amsterdam, Venice, and Bruges, where they can sail along the famous canals at their leisure. Boats are also a popular vacation rental in Scotland, where you can explore the Highlands in comfort and take in the scenery from Loch Ness or Loch Lomond. Wherever in the world you sail, however, reserving a boat for your vacation rental will guarantee that your trip will be truly unforgettable.

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