Affiliate Program

Take part in our affiliate program! You will earn 0,10$ per unique double click per user !

Likibu provides you with:

- A search engine widget or a dedicated page (upon special request)

- A sample of available accommodations

- Banners

- Direct links to specific city listings

Please read our following affiliate program agreement below and write us an email at nospam

We will be glad to enter in a partnership with you.


In order to participate in Likibu affiliate program, and become an “Affiliate” you need to read and accept the terms of our Affiliate Program Agreement below, and write us an email at nospam. We can accept or reject your application at our sole discretion. By becoming an “Affiliate” you agree and accept the following terms and conditions.


This is a legal agreement between:

- Likibu, search engine of short-term rentals. “we”, “us”, “our” or “ours” means “Likibu”

- The “Affiliate” who wants to distribute Likibu’s offers on his website or display Likibu’s banners or text links. “You”, “your”, “yours” means the “Affiliate”

Commencement and Duration

This agreement starts as soon as Likibu accepts the Affiliate application, by email at nospam

This agreement has no specific end, and each partner could terminate the partnership by sending a notification to the other part:

- The Affiliate should notify Likibu 7 days before the termination of the service.

- Likibu could give an end to the partnership at any time by email, with no prior notification

Affiliate Obligations

The Affiliate shall not participate in any other short-term rentals company affiliate program. However the Affiliate could participate in hotels, flights, or tailored travel programs.

The Affiliate website should be provided either in one of the following language: English, French, Italian, Spanish or German

The Affiliate should not use Pay Search term or keyword that could compete with Likibu such as but not limited to: short-term rentals, vacation rentals, holiday rentals, private room, villa rental, short-term rental Paris, short-term rental NYC, or any trademarks, name of brand relative to Likibu or belonging to any of the company offered on such as but not limited to Likibu, Wimdu, Airbnb, Housetrip, Flipkey, Bedycasa, etc.

The Affiliate should not encourage in any ways the user to click on Likibu’s links, and understand that any fraudulent or incentive clicks won’t be calculated. You understand that those actions would result in a breach of our Agreement and won’t generate any commission.

Intellectual Property rights

Likibu allows the Affiliate to use his logo, name, trademarks to promote Likibu service on his own website. However the Affiliate should not use any of Likibu items for commercial purpose and should not use it to promote similar services.

If the Affiliate would like to use them in any other way such as but not limited to newsletters or satellite websites, he should first receive the written approval from Likibu by email, fax or letter.

The Affiliate should insert a link to Likibu ( to introduce the service provided. The link must redirect to the appropriate Likibu’s page, depending on the language of the affiliate’s site.


Likibu will pay 0,10$ for a unique double click per user.

Likibu will pay only if the user coming from the Affiliate site has selected his dates of stay and then clicks any listing on the Likibu website. Only one click will be counted per user. (IP Adress). The cookies duration is 30 days.

Likibu will provide a monthly report to the Affiliate, and will start to pay once the overall amount exceeds 100€.

The Affiliate should send his invoice as soon as the overall amount exceed 100€ and indicate, if applicable, his VAT number.


The online version of this agreement displayed on Likibu website at this address: prevails over any other version.

The Affiliate accepts that Likibu could change the terms and conditions of this program at any time, by notifying the Affiliate by email. The Affiliate has 7 days after the reception of this notification to accept or reject this modification and terminate the partnership. Your continued participation in the Program following the effective date of the change will indicate your acceptance of the change.

Modifications may include, but are not limited to, changes in the Program rules, commission fees, schedules, payment procedures or anything else.


All technical or commercial know-how such as but not limited to email correspondence between the Affiliate and Likibu, specifications, processes, products, services or business figures shall remain confidential, during this Agreement and shall stay confidential even after the termination of this agreement.

Loss or Damages

Likibu shall not be responsible for any loss or indirect loss as but not limited to profit, businesses, contract, goods, datas.

Governing Law And Juridiction

This agreement is governed by the law of France.

Likibu and the Affiliate will try to solve any problem amicably before to have recourse to the law. Any dispute or claim shall be construed in accordance with French law.

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