AirBnb alternatives: the top vacation rental websites

AirBnb alternatives: the top vacation rental websites

The biggest Airbnb competitors you should you know about in the US

If Bruno Mars can have a condo in Manhattan, why can't you? It is no surprise that vacation rental sites are on the rise across the US, as it has never been easier to reserve an apartment, home, or villa anywhere in the world. The name on everybody's lips is Airbnb, the globally renowned export from the Sunshine State, which is dominating the vacation rental market, however, there are even more American companies out there which are as reliable as the West Coast travel giants, so if you want to support a website similar to Airbnb, give these competitors a try. Then get out there and live out your accommodation dreams, even if it is for only a vacation (Bruno Mars might be your neighbor for a few days, just think about that).

The biggest Airbnb alternatives to try in the US


With over one million listings across the globe, Vrbo (Vacation Rentals by Owner) is not an Airbnb alternative to be reckoned with. The company which was founded in Colorado, back in the 90s by a couple who wanted to rent out their ski resort, the company has come a long way from the days prior to the internet (scary times, I know). Since the days of Pop-Tarts and Pulp Fiction, Vrbo has rebranded and is now managed by HomeAway, but the ethics of the company remain the same, homeowners can list their holiday rental, and travelers rent them, a simple, and undeniably foolproof system.

List your property on Vrbo right here.


If Vrbo is the grandparent of vacay-rental sites, then HomeAway is the slightly younger parent, as this company has been around since the early 2000s, when it was first launched on the internet, when it was still being referred to as the World Wide Web. In its history, HomeAway has established itself as a website which is similar to Airbnb, only it advertises a slightly more refined selection of vacation homes, which cater to slightly older consumers, at an inevitably higher cost.

If you are a host and you want to sign up to HomeAway, you can join here.

Sure, we all know as the site where you can easily search for hotels, but they have recently stepped up this vacation rental game, meaning this highly reputable company has become a major Airbnb competitor and, consequently, an outstanding name in the accommodation field. The simple filtering system which Booking is known is a major pulling factor in their success, and the booking process is so quick, you could secure a property in only a few minutes… or the length of one song, a Bruno Mars song, perhaps.

Join the ever-expanding community on right here.


Nothing spells out a vacation of a lifetime quite like a road trip along Route 66 (unless, of course, you already live on Route 66), but why should you have to worry about finding an apartment along the way, when you can sleep in your RV? Jump in the Cadillac, and let Outdoorsy put some miles on it, and choose from a selection of over 14 million contemporary campers, luxurious Winnebagos, and retro airstreams through this quirky Airbnb alternative app. It won't be a condo in Manhattan, but lucky for you, that's what you like.


If you have ever booked a trip without running your itinerary through TripAdvisor first, then that is a hazardous move, and that is only because the site holds such a reputation in the travel industry. As the go-to site for honest reviews, experiences, and tips, there is no Airbnb competitor quite as reliable as TripAdvisor, so there is no safer place to broaden your vacay-rental horizons and join a community of trustworthy homeowners and travelers alike.

You can become a part of this respected Airbnb alternative by signing up here.


They say that a good upbringing is the most important thing, and this is undoubtedly the case for FlipKey whose proud parents are the accommodation giants themselves, TripAdvisor. With its genes coming directly from the very best, it is no surprise that FlipKey is an effortless dream to use, meaning it is an Airbnb alternative which internet novices and experts alike can navigate, no matter how specific your criteria may be.

Sign up and advertise your property by following through this link.

One Fine Stay

You deserve it all, and One Fine Stay is going to give it to you, because there is no more luxurious website like Airbnb, than this one. With properties in all the major cities across the globe, and the promise that you will have these exquisite rentals exclusively for yourself, this luxurious site is the perfect Airbnb alternative for those who are not travelling on a tight budget (Bruno, we are looking at you), or those who dream of a romantic accommodation for a special occasion, such as their wedding, honeymoon or a momentous birthday.

TurnKey VR

Offering vacation rentals across states from Alabama to Washington and everywhere in-between, TurnKey is an all American start which has traded in Texas since its launch in 2012. In the past seven years, TurnKey's empire has expanded to include over 4,600 homes and apartments in over 80 destinations around the country, meaning your American dreams are completely covered through this Airbnb competitor.


If you are searching for a vacation beyond the US, look no further than Likibu, the French-based alternative which knows its home turf like nobody else in the rental game. What makes Likibu so unique is that the site is a metasearch engine, meaning it filters vacation rentals across a range of accommodation sites to find the best property for your travel needs, instead of only showing rentals which belong to one company exclusively. Showcasing homes, apartments, and villas across their home continent, and right here in the US, you can browse the extensive number of properties available in each country, and use their innovative filter system to find the apartment, villa or cottage which is perfect for your trip.


With over 6 million vacation rentals in destinations across the planet, this German company has got the world covered. Whether you are a guest who is searching for accommodation, or you are a host who wants to put your property out there on the global market, whatever your desires, you can fulfill them in only a few taps on 9Flats.


Known previously as Zaranga, VacayHero is not a knock-off superhero movie; rather, it is a site similar to Airbnb, which really is super, on many levels. What makes this Airbnb alternative stand out, is the morals of the company, who promise a "happy medium" between a nonintrusive home away from home, whilst upholding the standards of hotel customer service. With an impressive 13,000 rentals and rooms across the States, VacayHero is a hassle-free competitor which is guaranteed to offer a property close to wherever you need to stay.

Holiday Lettings

All good things come in three’s and Holiday Lettings is the third Charlie’s Angel in TripAdvisor’s vacation-rental squad. With Holiday Lettings, you can rent, or book, safe in the knowledge that your arrangement has been handled by one of the most reliable and secure travel sites on the planet, which is super simple to use, and prides itself on being cost-effective for both parties. What more could you want from a vacation rental site?

Join the safe and secure Holdiay Letting community here.

Which Airbnb competitor should you choose?

It cannot be denied that Airbnb has an extensive range of accommodation in every destination across the world, from right here in the States, to Europe and beyond. As this list suggests, however, they are not the only site to offer this, and there is still a range of American companies, along with European startups, which cover the turf which they know and love so well. With Airbnbs rise in popularity, it is likely that the vacation rental you are dreaming of has already been booked up in advance, especially if you are searching for a spontaneous trip, while these competitors may still have the property of your dreams available, no matter how last minute you are planning.

When considering which site like Airbnb you should choose, remember to factor in the location, as US-based companies can be better for vacations in the State's, while European sites and apps can be better for trips which are across the pond. Whichever competitor you go for, however, remember that each Airbnb alternative is dedicated to relieving you of all hassle surrounding vacation accommodation, so give your support to some independent/smaller companies and rest in the knowledge that your custom has been appreciated, and you are on your way to your perfect vacay-rental.

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