European Nations Championship : Strong increase in vacation rentals prices

Next summer, France will organize the European Nations Championship. For the occasion, thousands of supporters will stay in the 10 host cities of the competition. While UFC-Que Choisir (Federal Consumers Association) studies reveal a large increase in hotel prices,, first vacation rentals metasearch, analyzed price variations and availabilities of short-term rentals.

Press Release - More than 54%. This is the average price increase of accommodation in the championship host cities (from June 10 to July 10, 2016). Although the increase is less than in hotels (over 80%), owners of rental properties also want to capitalize on the influx of visitors. In addition, the study by Likibu, short vacation rentals metasearch, reveals a very high occupancy rate (88%) of apartments during the tournament

Average increase in the price of vacation rentals in France: over 54%

On average, the price of a rental accommodation has increased by 54%. This figure is mainly due to increases in Lille (over 71%), Toulouse (over 60%) or even Lyon (over 53%). By contrast, Paris suffers a much more moderate increase (over 12%) due to the large number of accommodations available for this kind of rental. Similarly, the increase is smaller in Saint-Denis, because supporters can stay in Paris. Among the 10 host cities, it is in Lille where the price per person is the highest (70 €).

Graph #1

88%, average occupancy rate in rentals

The occupancy rate of vacation rentals will be very high during the competition, with an average rate of 88%. It is, on average, 10 points higher than in equivalent periods under normal circumstances. For example, Bordeaux has changed its occupancy rate from 73% to a 90%; Lyon from 72% to 90%.

Graph #2

City analysis:

Lille : over 71%

In Lille, the average price of a night per person is 70 € ; while during competition period, the price goes up to 74 € for the game between Switzerland and France.

Graph #3

Toulouse : over 60%

"La ville rose" experiences the second strongest increase during the competition (60%) with the average price per person reaching 44 €. The price goes up by 20 €, reaching 47 € on the occasion of the group stage match between Russia and Wales (20/06).

Graph #4

Lyon : over 53%

In Lyon the average price increases from 53€ to 57.5€ during the competition. The increase is also significant due to the game between Belgium and Italy (13/06), when each person will spend 60€ per night.

Graph #5

Bordeaux: over 52%

Bordeaux also suffers a considerable increase in average prices during the tournament (over 52%) with a 62.5 € rate per person and night. The price per night for the match between Austria and Hungary (14/06) is 66 €.

Graph #6

Marseille: over 28%

In Marseille the average increase is 28% during the competition (38.5 € vs. 30 €). It is due to the decisive match between England and Russia (11/06), when price per person is higher (39 €). Marseille will also host a quarter-final match on June 30.

Graph #7

Nice: over 16%

In Nice, prices suffer a more moderate increase (around 16%: average price per person of € 44.5 compared to € 38.5 in normal conditions). During the game between Spain (current champion) and Turkey (17/06) at the Allianz Arena (city's new stadium), the price of the vacation rentals remained stable (45 € / person).

Graph #8

Paris : over 12%

In Paris, prices increase more lightly (+ 12%) during the competition with an average price of 60€ versus 53.5€ out of the competition period. On July 14, prices increase in a very restrained way. It is possible to observe high prices, but they are quite balanced due to high volume of apartments available for short term rental.

Graph #9

**Last UFC Que Choisir organism study (14 February 2016) reveals an 80% increase in the price per night (on average) among the competition host cities.

Methodology: This study was conducted comparing prices and availabilities of the rentals during the tournament in the host cities. Lens and Saint-Etienne have been excluded from the process because the number of accommodations available (less than 150) might not draw objective conclusions. The study was conducted from 11 to 18 April 2016.

About Likibu

Officially created in 2015 by Aurélien Jemma and Guillaume Terrain, Likibu is the first vacation rentals metasearch in France. The service aims to offer most of the rental accommodation offers available on the internet in only one search. Likibu compare offers from collaborative economy websites, particulars and professional agencies.

The search engine includes more than 25 partner websites, including HomeAway, Booking, and other industry leaders. It gives access to more than three million vacation rental deals around the world. Likibu is available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

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