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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small computer file on your computer (Mac or PC), your tablet or smartphone and which contains textual information about your visit on Likibu.

The goal is to streamline browsing and making your experience more enjoyable when searching for a vacation rental.

Your browser also uses an area of "local storage" that has the same value and for which this section is also valid.

It is important to know that these "cookies" can’t damage your computer in any way.

What about cookies on

The primary purpose is to simplify navigation by allowing you to access more targeted information based on your region, the language of your browser, and if you are already registered, do not have to specify your username. With cookies, you can also access in 1 click to the results of your previous searches and easily find the accommodation that you viewed during your previous visits.

Cookies are stored by browser. Thus, if you change your Internet browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.), your browsing experience may be different.

Cookies on Likibu are never used to store personal information such as your address or bank data.

Cookies from third-party platforms

Cookies are used by to ease your surf. However, the data for Google Analytics are transmitted to Google for counting traffic and statistics about the website.

Moreover, we also work with other platforms that may insert cookies on your computer like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks.

How to manage your cookies?

You can, if you wish, disable your cookies. However we draw your attention to the fact that it will prevent you to access certain parts of our site and provide a less pleasant browsing experience.

To disable your cookies you must perform a manipulation in the "Options" or "tools" of your web browser. You can change your settings whenever you want. Depending on your web browser, you'll find the process to be performed on the following browsers:

- Internet Explorer (Microsoft) :

- Google Chrome :

- Mozilla Firefox:

- Safari (Apple):

Browsing on our website implies that you authorize us to install cookies on your computer or mobile device. More information