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3 accommodations in Limbe

Compare top vacation rentals sites such as HomeAway, and more, to find the perfect place to stay in Limbe. Likibu provides you with 3 short-term rentals in Limbe.

  1. Apartment with garden, 20 bedrooms

    Limbe, Cameroon

    • 6
    • 20
    • 3

    0 Reviews



    / night

  2. Ad
    Live there. Book unique homes.

    Limbe, Cameroon

    Search on Airbnb - Limbe



    / night

  3. House with jacuzzi, 4 bedrooms

    Limbe, Cameroon

    • 8
    • 4
    • 4

    0 Reviews



    / night

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Vacation rental prices and availability in Limbe

Average price per night in Limbe

  • $124Jan
  • $124Feb
  • $124Mar
  • $124Apr
  • $124May
  • $146Jun
  • $124Jul
  • $124Aug
  • $162Sep
  • $124Oct
  • $123Nov
  • $124Dec

Vacation rentals that are available in Limbe (%)

  • 60%Jan
  • 60%Feb
  • 60%Mar
  • 60%Apr
  • 44%May
  • 42%Jun
  • 84%Jul
  • 84%Aug
  • 84%Sep
  • 57%Oct
  • 59%Nov
  • 60%Dec

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