Home stays accommodation

According to us, there is nothing better than living with the people of a country to discover and impregnate of the culture of a country. That way, you will have the possibility to chat with them, to have their point of vue about the monuments and the sites the tourist have to avoid! And if you are lucky, you will taste with them the country’s or region’s cooking specialties, to make you feel comfortable. You can have all of this with Likibu, the holiday rentals comparator, who offers you many home stays: you just have to know where you want to go!

Home stays abroad: the « must-have »

There is nothing more annoying when you are in holidays than being alone, being lost in the city, looking for a bar to have a beer quietly or a good restaurant to have dinner. With home stays, an apartment, a bedroom, a loft or even a house floor, you will be aware of everything. You won’t even be a tourist anymore, you will be at home. You will go to dinner for the end of your weekend at the best pizzeria in Rome, you will discover the abandoned factories which have been designed, only known of the Berliners, and you will find the most quiet beach in Santiago for your afternoon nap.

The home stays in France: for sure you can do it !

Maybe you haven’t ever thought about it before, but it is a good deal for sure. Whether you want to go on skiing holiday in Savoie, staying in a fancy chalet with the owner sharing the ski experiences, or for you seaside holiday leaving with a grandma which will show you the best ice-cream maker around, or even you countryside holiday, in a nice old farm with fresh eggs for breakfast, you won’t be disappointed. Another advantage is that when you choose home stays you can be sure that you also choose cheap holidays, your wallet will thank you.

So even if you take your decision at the last minute, don’t hesitate and we assure you that home stays are a really good deal.

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