Home Exchange

Exchanging homes: your life as a movie star

Amanda and Iris are two women very different: the first one is an American movie producer owning a very nice villa with a pool in Los Angeles while the other one is a British journalist living in a fancy cottage in the English countryside. These two women wanted to go on holiday and so decided to exchange their houses to change their everyday life. This story comes from the film called “The Holiday” and it shows quite well a current practice these days : home exchange!

It will change from your everyday life

As Amanda and Iris, you have the possibility to live in a new environment and to meet new people! I it quite different from a holiday rental but it is also easy as you have your own apartment for instance, you don’t pay any rent, only exchanging! Or even easier, you can rent your own apartment and save some money for your holidays. So let’s be tempted by this new concept which works really well in the States and maybe you will find something else in this trip, like Iris and Amanda did … !

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