Holiday rentals, vacation rentals

You are sick of spending your holidays in your parent’s countryside house, deep in the Surrey? Come here and enjoy our multiple destinations: if you want to rent an apartment, with Likibu you can do it. If you want a fancy house next to the sea, with Likibu you can do it. You want to exchange your cottage “so British” in Scotland for a chalet for your skiing holidays in the Alps? You can do it with Likibu.

A simple method to find a good holiday rental

This is easy: you enter your departure date, your returning date, you choose a destination and Likibu automatically gives you the opportunity to compare the prices offered by the different French holiday rentals’ sites, for free! In fact, you will have the choice between a lot of housing rentals, a bed and breakfast in Chicago, a cheap bedroom next to the Alhambra for your holidays in Andalusia, a cosy housing to enjoy Shangaï or even a small house next to the Bassin d’Archachon, for your countryside holidays!

United States ? Yes you can.

Likibu offers thousands of apartment rentals in Manhattan, whether you are seeking a loft on 5th avenue next to central Park, a house rental in Brooklyn or even a rental with swimming pool on a roof top next to Times Square.

Berlin? Yeah, why not ?!

You will find on Likibu villa rentals with bikes to have a walk in this wonderful city for instance. It doesn’t matter if you are leaving for a long or a short time break, there will always be a lot of choices.

Thailand? It is up to you

Likibu will help you to find guest houses for a small fee for a last minute trip or even for a romantic week-end among the streets of **Bangkok **for instance.

Summon every ounce of will you have in you and go flying with Likibu to this destination you’ve always dreamed of.