General Terms & Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “LIKIBU” or “the Site”) is a website that allows the User to search for products and services available in the travel industry, including private rooms, short term rentals and tourist accommodations all around the world offered by third party companies (the “Providers”) according to search criteria selected by the User on LIKIBU.

According to these search criteria, LIKIBU selects among the Providers likely to offers services corresponding to the criteria selected by the User (private room in Barcelona, villa in Spain, loft in New York, apartment in Paris, house in the Calvados region, etc) and displays as search results the list of the matching accommodations.

Each search result listed by LIKIBU contains one or various hyperlinks redirecting to the matching service hosted on a specific page on LIKIBU (“Product” page) or directly to the third-party Provider’s website. When the User browses the “Product” page of an accommodation, he/she can access more details (i) and make a booking request on the website of the “Provider” by clicking on one of the links provided (ii) or proceed to the booking directly on LIKIBU and conclude a contract with the Provider.

In any case, LIKIBU only acts as an intermediary between the Buyer and the Providers. The services offered by the Providers are therefore always subjected to the Terms and Conditions of the third-party Providers involved.


These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions” or “T&Cs”) rule your use of the website available at (hereinafter referred to as “LIKIBU” or “the Site”).

By accessing and/or using the Site you agree to have read, understood and agreed to these Terms and Conditions.


Unless otherwise indicated:


(1) Without limiting the scope of the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions and in compliance with the legal provisions in force, the User agrees to be solely liable, on the basis of contractual and/or tort liability, for unintentional acts or acts outside of the Site’s control, for any damage and prejudice, direct or indirect, material or immaterial, and for any loss of income resulting in particular from:

(2) The Providers are responsible for the Offers posted on the Site and any element related to such offers. LIKIBU is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the Providers or for any update of such information. LIKIBU is therefore not responsible for the accuracy, quality, exhaustiveness, reliability or credibility of the Provider’s content, and in particular for the images of the offers, the description of the offers, the amenities of the offers and/or the Users’ reviews on the offers.

LIKIBU solely acts as a simple intermediary between the User and the Provider. The User must always contact the Provider with whom he/she concluded a contract in order to cancel a booking or to handle any other matter related to his/her stay. LIKIBU shall do its upmost to help the User contacting the Provider, but LIKIBU is not responsible for the booking made and cannot cancel or modify the User’s booking. LIKIBU is therefore not responsible for the availability of the offer, the quality of the offer or the proper performance of the contract agreed between the User and the Provider. Any claim or exchange request related to the booking shall be handled by the Provider on whose site the booking was made.


Access to the Site confers the User with a private, non-collective and non-exclusive right to use the content of the Site. Therefore, any reproduction of this content is strictly forbidden.

Any reproduction of the content of the Site shall be solely limited to private use. If the User wants to make commercial use of the content of the Site, he/she must contact the Site at the following address Without express agreement of the Site, the use of its content is strictly forbidden.


The User acknowledges that it is not possible to develop or use error-free software or hardware, nor to control every unforeseeable event related to the Internet. Therefore, the Company does not warrant the continuous and faultless use of its Site and technical features.

The Site does its upmost to provide the Users with quality service and information. However, it shall not be held responsible of any error related to the available information on the Site or of any calendar, availability or price differences between LIKIBU and the Providers’ Sites, or of any other possible dysfunction, damage or virus following the use or downloading on the Site. If you encounter any technical issue, please inform our webmaster at the following address:

The Company shall do its upmost to provide the best possible access availability to the Site and to warrant its maximum security. As absolute security cannot be guaranteed, given the structure and the significant fluctuations in the amount of Internet connections, this obligation can only be considered as an obligation of means.


The companies offering the travel products and services available through the Site are companies independent from LIKIBU.

Listing the accommodation offers does not constitute in itself a purchase recommendation of these accommodation offers.

Any act of purchase made by the User with these companies is directly made between him/her and these companies, without the Site being held responsible in any way for this commercial relationship.

LIKIBU is only the provider of a technical service, does not review the content added by its Provider and does not claim such content as its own. Therefore, the texts, titles, descriptions and photos related to the rental offers and other contents transmitted by the third party Providers to be posted on LIKIBU are not the property of LIKIBU.

The Providers and Users of these Sites are solely responsible for the content they post on these Sites and that is transmitted to LIKIBU via feeds, APIs or any other means. In no event shall LIKIBU be responsible for any content created by users on the Providers' Sites or by the Providers themselves and posted on LIKIBU.

LIKIBU therefore cannot be held responsible for the content, advertising, products or services offered on or via the Sites of these companies, nor for the collection, use or disclosure of personal data collected by these companies.

Therefore, the User warrants and represents that LIKIBU cannot be held responsible in any way for any loss or damage resulting from this relationship or more broadly from the presence of these Providers’ offers on the Site.

In addition, in the event that the displayed information for an accommodation on LIKIBU differs from the information available on the Provider’s Site, the information on the Provider’s Site shall prevail.

Therefore, if the calendar, availability or any other information (without limitation) displayed for an accommodation on LIKIBU differs from the information displayed on the Provider’s Site, the information on the Provider’s Site shall prevail.

Even when the booking is directly made on LIKIBU’s Site, the rental contract is solely made between the Provider and the User. LIKIBU solely acts as an intermediary and the User shall manage any dispute, refund or cancellation directly with the Provider.


7.1 Search & Comparison

The User can search for accommodations and services offered by third party Providers on the LIKIBU’s Site. The User only has to select a destination and dates of stay to get a series of results only offered by third party Providers on LIKIBU.

After a search, LIKIBU (i) redirects the User to the Provider’s Site to allow him/her to make its booking or (ii) allows the User to initiate the booking process directly on LIKIBU. In both cases, LIKIBU does not offer services in its own name and solely acts as an intermediary on behalf of the third-party Provider.

7.2 Transmission of information to the third-party Provider – Booking on LIKIBU

(a) By initiating the booking process on LIKIBU, the User requests LIKIBU to send this information to the third-party Provider for him/her to book an accommodation service or a travel service. LIKIBU does not offer services in its own name and solely acts as an intermediary between the User and the third-party Provider.

(b) Once the User selects an accommodation or service, he/she must fill in his/her personal data (last name, first name, email address, phone number, etc.) and select a method of payment approved by the third-party Provider. Therefore, the methods of payment approved differ from one offer to another depending on the Provider.

(c) A form allows the User to select his/her chosen payment method among those approved by the third-Party Provider (credit card, transfer, travel voucher, etc.). The credit card data is collected by a payment service that comply with the PCI standards or directly by the Provider within an iframe. It allows the Provider to make the payment request and the User to pay the amount due.

(d) The User may interrupt his/her booking process at any time or modify the information entered in the fields or select another offer, as long as he/she has not clicked on the “Book It” button displayed on the Booking page.

(e) Once this information is completed, the User will send a contractual and final booking to the Provider by clicking on the “Book It” button. LIKIBU will immediately send the User’s booking to the third-party Provider and an email to the User to confirm the transmission of the booking to the third party Provider.

(f) At this point, the User can no longer cancel the transmission of the service provision or booking made to the third party Provider.

(g) The confirmation email sent by LIKIBU does not yet confirm the finalization of the booking between the User and the third party Provider. LIKIBU does not warrant the entry into force of the contract made with the third party Provider resulting from the User’s booking. The third party Provider shall accept or deny the User’s booking.

(h) The User is solely responsible for the information he/she entered in the fields of the booking process. The User must be very careful when filling each field of the booking form not to insert any error for which the User will be held responsible.

(i) LIKIBU is not part of the contractual relationship between the User and the third-party Provider. LIKIBU does not perform any accommodation, rental, travel, transportation or any other service in its own name. When LIKIBU transmits the accommodation or travel service booking to the Provider, the contract is exclusively made between the User and the third-party Provider. The User shall be solely responsible to the third-party Provider and vice versa. Any claim, request, modification or cancellation shall be exclusively made to the third-party Provider. All rights arising in connection with the booking, such as right of withdrawal, right of cancellation or rights tied to the Booking service (damage, problems in the accommodation, etc.), shall be exercised against the third-party Provider with whom the contract has been concluded.

7.3 Use of other services offered by LIKIBU

(a) Whishlists

The registered Users may create “Wishlists” on the Site that will allow them to gather in one place all the accommodations they are interested in.

These whishlists are by default visible to all Users of the Site. However, a registered User can set the level of privacy of his/her “Wishlist” in the settings and make it only available to him/her (“private Wishlist”).

If a User wants to share his/her “private Wishlist” on social networks, he/she must make it “public” first, so that it is available to other Users.

(b) Owner’s Service

The Users may (i) register and list their accommodation on LIKIBU or (ii) directly list their accommodation on a Provider’s Site through a dedicated hyperlink.

By listing his/her accommodation on LIKIBU’s Site, the User can choose the Providers’ Sites he/she would like his/her accommodation to be listed on and can ask LIKIBU to send all necessary information about the accommodation to the Providers chosen by the User. The Providers may accept or deny the owners’ registration requests made through LIKIBU. LIKIBU cannot warrant that the accommodations registered by the Users will be listed on the Providers’ Sites or displayed on the LIKIBU’s Site.

Therefore, LIKIBU shall not be held responsible in the event that the Providers do not list the accommodations offered by LIKIBU’s Users or that there is any difference between the information entered on LIKIBU and information displayed on the Providers’ Sites. If the accommodation is added to the listing of one or more Providers’ Sites, the User will be able to modify this information directly on the Providers’ Site(s) on which the User requested to be listed and he/she will be able to deregister at any time from these Sites without LIKIBU having to act as an intermediary.

In compliance with the Loi “informatiques et libertés” (French Data Protection Act) of the  6th of January of 1978, which was updated in 2004, the User is granted the right to access and modify the information about him/her, a right the User can exercise by contacting

The User may also, for legitimate reasons, refuse his/her data to be processed.


These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the French law.

Any dispute regarding these T&Cs shall be brought before the French jurisdictions.

In the event that one or more of the provisions of these T&Cs is deemed illegal or unenforceable by the competent jurisdictions, the remaining provisions shall remain fully valid and enforceable.

The language of this contract is French.


The LIKIBU Site is edited by the LIKIBU SAS company.

LIKIBU SAS, a société par actions simplifiée (simplified joint-stock company) with a capital of 10,000 euros, whose registered offices are located at 18, rue Spontini, 75116 Paris, is registered at the RCS of Paris (Paris Trade and Companies Register) under number 808 716 781.

In compliance with the law, the Site has signed a declaration with the C.N.I.L. (Commission Nationale Informatique et Liberté) under number 1829115 v 0.

The Site is hosted by the OVH company.



The Site warrants and represents treating the User’s data with the greatest discretion.

When the booking is directly made on LIKIBU’s Site, the User expressly agrees that all necessary data be transmitted to the Provider concerned. LIKIBU is indeed not involved in the contractual relationship between the User and the third-party Provider, and the transmission of these data is necessary for the creation of the contract between the User and the third party Provider.

The Site also reserves the right to communicate the User’s data to the Providers.

The User can request his/her data not to be transmitted to the Providers.

The Site undertakes not to communicate to any other third party the data of its Users.


11.1 Registration

To access some specific services, the User needs to be registered on the Site.

Registration and access to the Site are reserved for legally capable users, who have filled and validated the registration form available online on the Site, and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

It is possible to register on the Site via a Facebook or Google account.

When registering on the Site, the User undertakes to provide accurate, sincere and up-to-date information on his/her person and civil status.

The User shall therefore check this information on a regular basis to make sure it is still accurate.

Any communication made by the Site or its Providers is therefore deemed to have been received and read by the User.

The User undertakes to check the emails he/she received on a regular basis and to answer them within a reasonable time if necessary.

Only one registration on the Site is allowed per natural person.

The User will receive a login enabling him/her to access his/her private space (hereinafter referred to as “My Account”), after also typing in his/her password.

The login and password can be modified online by the User in the “My Account” section.

The password is personal, the User undertakes not to communicate it to third parties.

The Site reserves, in any case, the right to deny a registration in case of non-compliance with its Terms and Conditions.

11.2 Deregistration

Any User duly registered shall be able to request, at any time, its deregistration from the Site by sending an email to the following address:

11.3 Comments and reviews

These provisions apply to any type of content a User may share on LIKIBU (text, link, image, video, etc.).

(a) A User may only leave a review of an accommodation or a travel service if his/her booking was initiated on LIKIBU’s Site.

His/her review must be honest, sincere and relevant for other Users to better apprehend the  accommodation or service offered.

Posting content that is inappropriate or invasive of another’s privacy is forbidden.

Liability waiver: the reviews posted on LIKIBU are from its Users and not from LIKIBU. LIKIBU is not a content editor. LIKIBU is only the provider of a technical service, without any obligation of verification, and not a content editor.

By making a reservation through LIKIBU, the User agrees to receive an email after his/her stay in which LIKIBU will ask him/her for a feedback on the accommodation.

The User may ask at anytime for his/her comment or review to be removed by sending an email to the following address:


The LIKIBU service is free of use.

There is no charge for the use of the Site.

The Site does not charge any extra when the User clicks on a link that redirects him/her to a partner’s site.

The payment is directly made to the Provider, even when the payment form is filled on LIKIBU’s site.

LIKIBU does not receive any payment from the User.

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