Why Likibu ?

Using Likibu, you will have the great advantage to crawl the deepest and the most exhaustive global network of accommodations offered by locals, putting forward the entire offer of every accommodations websites.

What kind of vacation rentals would I find on Likibu ?

You can find home for rent around the world! From an apartment rental in Paris, Sydney, New- York, London, Barcelona or any other city, to vacation rentals lost in the countryside or villas for rent by the sea... You would even find castles, caravans, yurts, etc..

Why rent an apartment, a house, a villa instead of a hotel room?

The quality / price ratio is much better and cheaper: you will pay less for a much larger area offering benefits far beyond those of a hotel room (several rooms, lounge, kitchen, etc..). In short you will have a whole apartment instead of a single or a double room!

Can we trust all sites for apartment rentals listed on Likibu?

Yes, absolutely. All sites of private vacation rental referenced by Likibu are serious, trustworthy and offer totally secure transactions. You can book in peace, and make the most of your vacation.

Are the accommodations offered on Likibu available worldwide?

Yes. Likibu gives you access to the broadest and the most exhaustive global network of accommodations offered by locals. Indeed, Likibu puts forward the entire offer of every accommodations websites around the world: so you can find accommodation throughout Europe, America, Asia, Africa and even Oceania.

What does "entire home/apartment" "private room" and “shared room” mean?

"Entire home/apartment" means that the whole apartment, home or villa for rent will be available for guests. Conversely "private room" means that only the room will be fully available for the guest but he will have to share the rest of the accommodation with other people. It could also be a guesthouse, as for “shared room” that means that several guests will stay in the same room.

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